Monday, January 25, 2010

Subdividing a chicken house

A couple of years ago I built an 8' x 8' chicken house for 4 chicken and one rooster using rough sawn lumber from my portable sawmill. They live happily there at night and in the enclosed yard by day. It has been decided that the spare rooster that we also have has to move out of the duck house, so today I subdivided the chicken house. The main goal of our two roosters it to kill each other, so that have to be separated at all times. To divide the chicken house, I made a wall down the middle and made a door for accessing the back half of the enclosure. To feed the lone rooster, the door will be left in it's normally closed position and when it is time to care for the other fowl, the door swings 90 degrees the other way and closes the first half off. In this manner we endeavor to keep our roosters separated and alive.

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